Arriving in Japan

It’s raining. As if to welcome me, the forecast in Tokyo for the next couple of days is thunderstorms.

Apart from that though, everything has gone very smoothly and I’m feeling pretty good šŸ™‚ My dad drove me to Heathrow and I flew at 7.30pm. It’s a 12 hour flight and Japan is 8 hours ahead of British summertime so for someone like me who can’t sleep on planes this seems to be working well jet lag wise. I lost a day, as you do when traveling east, and arrived at 3.15pm local time by which time I had been awake for 24 hours. I managed to stay awake for 7 more hours and then I was tired enough to actually fall asleep at the right time and only wake up a couple of times in the night.

I have to say, the offering of films on the flight was pretty poor. After I couldn’t take any more Big Bang Theory, I was reduced to watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and I must be more emotional about this whole ‘not coming home for a year thing’ than I realised because I actually teared up at one point. At the other end, I was anxious about customs. A part of me was convinced that they were going to say that there’s been a mistake and I wasn’t going to be allowed into the country after all. Some stern faced customs official was going to yell at me in Japanese I didn’t understand and order me back where I came from. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t happen. Actually the process was pretty efficient, though my broken finger held up taking my fingerprints a bit.

My boyfriend was waiting for me at arrivals, he’s been staying with his family in Saitama for a week trying to find us somewhere to live. Our romantic greeting was hindered somewhat by a boy band that I had managed not to notice were on my flight and their entourage. I have no idea who they are, but they must be fairly famous as they had quite a crowd of Japanese girls waiting for them, blocking me and my luggage trolley.

Thankfully we could get a coach from the airport to the hotel my company have put me in, as taking my two massive suitcases on the metro would have been a nightmare. It seems to be very much a ‘business hotel,’ the room is small and my luggage pretty much takes up all of the floor but it’s comfy and everything works so I’m happy. It was yummy but a bit strange eating fish and rice for breakfast, I also felt very female and gaijin amongst all the salary men having their morning coffee.

Fish, rice and soup seems to be a standard breakfast in Japan - no cereal for me
Fish, rice and soup seems to be a standard breakfast in Japan – no cereal for me

I’m chilling in my hotel now, later on I have to go into work for a meeting & then apartment hunting!

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