Julia Mascetti featured on Twisted Jazz’s debut album ‘Jazz Pressure’

Recording at Miloco Studios
Recording at Miloco Studios

Whilst living in London last year, I had the pleasure of recording with Nel Kabas for her project Twisted Jazz at Miloco Studios. I am excited to share that Twisted Jazz’s debut album Jazz Pressure is out now and available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Jazz Pressure is perhaps best described as a jazz-electro album, but with an idiosyncratic mix of influences. Personal bias aside, I would recommend the album to anyone who likes music which is both unusual and the accessible – a combination I aspire to in my own music. Check out www.twisted-jazz.com to find out more or get yourself a copy.

I really enjoyed working with Nel K and Twisted Jazz. If any musicians are interested in future collaborations, please feel free to contact me.

jazz pressure